Recent(ish) Primark Purchases

Pink floral smock dress: £8 // Black crop shirt and Polka dot crop shirt: £10 each // Printed skorts: £10 // Tribal triangle necklace: £5
This is quite a belated post, as I picked these up a few weeks ago. 
It is either testament to how good Primark is at the moment, or testament to how big a problem with shopping I have as I only entered Primark to exchange something and came out with all this. Oops! 
I’d seen this lovely pink floral smock-style dress on quite a few blogs, and thought it looked really cute so when I spotted it for £8 at the front of Primark I had to pick it up. These two shirts just looked so easy to wear. Although they’re supposed to be cropped, I bought the polka dot one two sizes too big so that I can wear it more day-to-day and i’ve already worn it for work a couple of times – it’s so easy just to throw on tucked into a skirt of pair of Joni’s. I absolutely fell in love with the print on these skorts, so scoured around until I found the last size 8, i’ve since seen someone wearing a matching blazer and I’m desperate to get hold of it so I can wear it as a suit! 
What do you think of my buys? Have you picked up anything nice from Primark recently? 
Leanne xx.
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  • Danielle Hunter

    Oooh Primark is one of those shops I really miss since I left the UK. Those shorts and the polka shirt look so nice, quite Zara-esque! Danielle x

  • Caz

    I buy a lot of tops for work from Primark as they have so many nice styles to choose from and they’re always a good price too. I love the skort you got – it looks a lot more expensive than you paid! x

  • Catherine Loves

    Great buys I’m loving Primark at the minute x

    Catherines Loves

  • Amy Liddell

    I’ve been eyeing up that skort for ages I love the pattern

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

  • Brittney

    I can’t wait until Primark expands to the US where I live—they seem to have such cute stuff! I love the tapestry-look of those shorts and the foldover detail.


    Another Beautiful Thing

  • Leanne Cornelius

    Great buys 🙂
    I’ve got that pink dress and love it, it is such a bargain and people almost always comment on it when I wear it. I’m tempted to buy a back-up as its so cheap. x

    Leanne – A Slice of My Life

  • buzzingtrends

    Love the skorts! Gorgeous! <3
    I try and avoid entering Primark for the only reason that I end up spending more than I should every single time! I’ve come to realise it’s something that every fashionista has experienced and continues to do so 😉 haha