Spotlight on Aviva Dresses

With it being my birthday tomorrow (eeek) and my birthday night out next weekend, my mind has been taken up by one thing; what to wear! I already have shoes and accessories, so have been incessantly browsing all of the usual shops to try and find a dress, but without much success. It was good timing then, that I was made aware of Aviva Dress; who have a large selection of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and prom dresses amongst others. I’ve been having a browse of their website and I’m not going to lie; there are some beauties on there. They have everything from short, bodycon dresses to long flowing gowns. My focus, of course, has been on their range of evening/occasion dresses rather than anything bridal but I thought that I would share a few of my favourites.

Prom Dresses

Prom dresses for petites
Prom dresses should be colourful, flirty and fun! These three dresses absolutely fit the bill and as they’re so pretty there really needs to be no further accessories. A simple pair of black court shoes or sandals and a bracelet is all that you need!

Birthday Dresses

Birthday dresses perfect for petites

Birthday dresses definitely depend on your age and what you’re up to. For twenty-first/eighteenth birthday parties I personally think you can get away with something a little like the above prom dresses. However, as I am now twenty three (my word – how did that happen?!) I am on the hunt for something a little more fitted but still with a bit of bling – it is my birthday after all!

Wedding Dresses

Bridal dresses
It is the most important dress you will ever wear and you only get one! There are so many choices of wedding dresses about, it must be almost overwhelming. I have a sneaky suspicion though that most females know just the style of dress they’d like to wear. I personally would love a short dress, just a little above the knee with a small bit of sparkly detail.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Pretty bridesmaid dresses
Long gone are the days where bridesmaid dresses are supposed to be frumpy and well, quite hideous. The colour and style of course depends on the wedding colour scheme but bridesmaid dresses have certainly upped their game in recent years. Whether you want your favourite ladies to be wearing something fitted or with a bit of a flair – you have more choices than you can shake a wedding ring at!
To see more Aviva Dresses head to their website – I promise you won’t be disappointed!
  • Helena Mulhearn

    These dresses look lovely and I’ve never heard of them before so ill definitely have to check them out! x

  • emmerliejay

    Happy belated birthday for Sunday, hope you had a lovely day! 🙂 Aviva have such a good selection of dresses for all different occasions 🙂
    emmerliejay x

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