Sunday wishlist

Being a bit tired from three early morning shifts in a row (and another tomorrow) I’ve spent my Sunday afternoon doing a bit of online browsing. Unfortunately for me my bank account has been cancelled due to someone getting hold of my details (I think from buying from Lush not long before their website hackings – I urge anyone who might have bought something from their site before the hackings to check their accounts!) So i’m unable to actually buy anything, but my wishlist is sure getting bigger. Heres a few of my favourites:

This dress is fantastic. I love anything with lace and i’m currently obsessed with Peter pan collars, they’re so cute! I’d probably wear it for a night out with just a pair of heels or even black tights and a boyfriend blazer for a meal or a few drinks.
I actually saw this shirt in store last week but decided against buying it at the time, but I definately intend to buy it at some point. It really is quite sheer so it’d need to be worn with a vest of some sort underneath. I’d probably wear it simply over skinny jeans or tucked into high waisted shorts. 
I’m unsure if River Island could do any wrong right now, the last time I went into one of their stores I could have quite easily cleared the shelves (instead I opted for just a pair of shorts and a nail varnish…) Their bags and accessories are always favourites of mine and I think this bag is lovely.

I could quite easily spend hours sitting and posting my wishlist, but these are just a few favourites that I absolutely intend to buy. So, has anyone else noticed a growth in their wishlist due to internet browsing?

  • Hannah

    So sorry to hear about your bank card, that totally sucks! My card got hacked once to a few years back but my bank made sure no money was take out, phew!! I love peter pan collars too, I think they’re so cute! Love the sheer shirt as well, I really want a black one

  • Deerdarling

    I have the satchel! I am a sucker for anything bag-wise that River Island churn out, it’s always a little bit more fun then stuff you find in other high street brands!
    Your blogs lovely too btw! xo

  • Abby

    I am an asos addict! and I love the satchel

  • Sarah F xxx

    Hi Leanne, thanks for following my blog, it made my day! 🙂 I absolutely love the blue dress, and agree with you – it would look great with a blazer and heels. In fact, its on my wish list now too!

  • Rebecca

    that dress is hot! xx

  • The Style Rawr

    Mmmm…We might just have to add all of those to our WANT list. That blouse is SO cute!! We just spotted this today on ASOS:

    The story of our lives!! 😉

    T & J