Bruno Mars

HI guys, thought I’d finally do a little post about my seeing of Bruno Mars last Wednesday in Manchester.

I felt like i’d waited a terribly long time for this, as i’d had tickets to see him in London in August however I couldn’t go and had to sell my tickets. So I was horrifically excited, and it was very much worth the wait.

It was at the Manchester Apollo, which whilst it isn’t a huge venue its hardly ‘intimate’ either (I think it has around a 3500 capacity if the floor are standing) I’ve been here quite a few times; stood right at the front (getting very squished indeed) and also sat quite far at the back, and you can see the stage quite well wherever you are. We had standing tickets and decided to hover kind of in the middle near the light desk as opposed to moving forward and probably getting squished (also, I was under strict instructions from the boyfriend to ‘not run to the front’ – what a party pooper) we could still see quite well however.

I didn’t really watch the support act, I went and bought some merchandise instead (yes, I am 12. Yes I did wear the t-shirt the next day. Yes I am planning on wearing it again soon. Yes it does have Bruno’s face on it.) Once she was finished there was around 40 minutes before Bruno Mars came on stage (a few minutes later than advertised I think. Not that I was counting.) And boy, was he worth the wait. I can’t remember exactly the order of the songs that he performed but he opened with ‘The Other Side’ omitting Cee Lo Green and B.O.B as they weren’t there… obviously. He performed pretty much every song from Doo Wops and Hooligans besides ‘Somewhere In Brooklyn’ and a lot of his other well known songs with other artists, just omitting their parts of the song or having Phil (his writing partner/friend) sing their part. I can honestly say, he is flawless live. If you closed your eyes and ignored the screaming girls you could be easily mistaken for listening to his album. There was also a lot of on stage banter between him and the Hooligans which made for a very entertaining evening, it was just as though you were watching a group of friends mess about on stage which I think is amazing as some artists take themselves far too seriously and as long as you have the talent (which, they all certainly have) why not have some fun?!

With the amazing vocals, entertainment on stage and Bruno’s complete control of the crowd he is a complete must see and I can not wait until he tours again.

The only one criticism that I have is that I really wanted him to perform ‘It Will Rain’ and he didn’t, but I got over it in like 20 seconds.

Leanne xx.

  • dinoprincesschar

    nothing wrong with merchandise – i always buy a tee from a gig ! 🙂

  • LoveFayexoxo

    omg amazing!! Bruno Mars is amazing!! I’m so jealous!! haha!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  • Funny Little Frog

    I’m so jealous, I’ve always liked Bruno Mars but never thought to see him live until I saw him perform on X Factor, now I really really really want to see him! I would buy a t-shirt too, I always buy one xxx

  • Computergirl

    Sounds like a good gig! Love your blog xx