John Frieda Sheer Blonde Video Tutorials

One of my absolute favourite hair products is John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Spray (try saying that three times fast!) So when I was recently asked whether I would like to take part in the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Campaign I jumped at the chance.

John Frieda have recently added a series of hair tutorials involving their products onto youtube. The tutorials seem really easy to follow yet the looks are really impressive and are led by John Frieda Hair Experts. I love the cute hair bow tutorial and how great do the soft waves look for evening?

As I very seldom wear my hair up in anything other than a ponytail when i’m in work, I decided to go a little out of my comfort zone and try the fishtail plait tutorial this afternoon.

I used quite large pieces of hair to create the plaits so mine is not as neat as the girls in the video. My hair is so thick I think it would have taken me much longer if I would have used smaller pieces of hair. Also, I would completely agree that this look would be perfect for festivals, or as a quick fix if you realise last minute that your hair could do with a wash.

Despite how messy this looks, I actually quite like it. I think it’s the kind of thing where practise makes perfect and it’s something i’m sure i’ll be trying again in the future, as well as a few other looks from the John Frieda youtube tutorials.

Will you be trying any of the tutorials? Which is your favourite?

Leanne xx
  • blackberryfashion

    Great inspiration! This hairstyle is really pretty 🙂

  • Bethan

    Your hair looks great in this style! John Frieda are one of my favourite haircare brands 🙂 x

  • danielleyc

    You’re hair looks really good, if only mine was long enough! & I prefer that it’s a bit messy, makes it looks more festival chic! xx

  • cosmo-junkie †

    it looks so pretty like this! you suit plaits, good third day hair-hairstyle i think x

  • girlinthelens

    Cute fishtails, I like them messy too 🙂 x

  • Sarah

    pretty! the shirt is really cute, i like it 🙂

  • Allie Metcalfe

    They look so cute wish I could get the hang of them! x

  • Katy Dobinson

    Such a helpful video. I’ve always wanted to know how to do these. x

    Girl in the North