Meet the boys…

I’m currently writing this sat on the floor in my new bedroom, using a suitcase as a desk, full of the cold and feeling terribly sorry for myself (oh, and missing a party in the process.) The silver lining? These two little cuties came home on Thursday..

Sorry for the awful quality of pictures, they’re from my phone and i’m not feeling up to re-sizing pictures so i’ve left blogger to do it for me. Anyway, meet Rupert and Colin everyone. They’re tiny, adorable, funny, extremely naughty and I absolutely love them! The house has been full of a chorus of ‘awwh!’s ever since we brought them home, and my grandparents and boyfriend are using any excuse to come round and visit.

Well, I just wanted to introduce the new additions to the house – i’m pretty sure they’ll be appearing in a lot more posts! I’m off to go take some more sudafed’s and play with the puppies – enjoy your Saturday nights.

  • Emma

    Words cannot express how jealous I am of them, they are too cute!! Make sure we get lots of pictures of them!!


  • ♥ Sadie ♥

    Aw, so, so cute :). I really want a Pug.

    Sadie x

  • ♥ Sadie ♥

    P.S. Hope you feel better soon x

  • Eloise

    I want them! They’re so so adorable! I live in a rented flat so can’t have a dog (no pets allowed) but i’ve managed to smuggle a ginger cat in!


  • Stephanie

    Love them! The pics where they’re all snuggled up are so cute 🙂


  • Rachel

    Awww! Rupert and Colin are adorable…and they have the best names haha! x

  • p e b b z

    this is what is missing from my life… arrghh they’re so freakin adorable!!

    ps: love your blog, thanks for following mine =)