Models Own 50% off Haul

Models Own nail polishes are probably my favourites, so when I saw they had a 50% discount code I took no time in hopping onto their site and choosing which colours I wanted. It took me ages! In the end I decided on these… 

Black Nail Art Pen, Gun Grey, Evergreen, Smash Up Silver, Black Magic, Smash up Purple and Blue Lagoon. 
I also thought I’d try their powder brush, which I used this morning, and I love it. Its so ridiculously soft and applied just enough powder to take away my shine, but not enough to look cakey so i’m very pleased I popped this into my basket. 
I’m off work for a few days so i’m really looking forward to having a play with my new polishes! 
Oh, this also arrived in the post… 
Right now I can’t afford a full sized bottle, so I bought a cute little purse sized (20ml? I think) that comes with a 15ml refill to satisfy my Daisy craving. 
Oh, also quickly before I go.. just wanted to give a quick thank you to everyone who reads my babble, I hit 100 followers sometime this week and I really appreciate everyone who reads/comments/follows my blog. I realise it isn’t about numbers, statistics or whatnot but I’ll be honest, if I didn’t want people reading then I wouldn’t publish this online for the whole world to see. I’m quite enjoying blogging and it’s nice to see that other people seem to be enjoying my blogging too, so thank you! 
  • Fiona

    Can’t wait to receive my order!!!
    Btw I’m hosting a giveaway on my blog, take a look!


  • Charlotte B

    Oooo lovely polishes! Great discount too!xx

  • dinoprincesschar

    I managed to refrain from ordering any MO as the colours i wanted were OOS, but i do want some at some point!

  • Samantha Grace

    Those colours look gorgeous! And I really want the nail pen too…
    I was looking forward to the 50% off for ages, then when it finally came around I had no money – just my luck!

    xo Samantha Grace

  • Arabella

    ahh I keep meaning to buy some Models Own nail varnish but I never seem to get round to it! 🙂

  • t
  • Dolly Daydream

    I love the colours of the polishes you chose!

  • bluebellss

    Gorgeous purchases :)! & the smaller refillable bottle of Daisy is such a good idea :)! xx

  • sam x

    ooo i love Marc Jacobs Daisy. The purse sized bottle is such a good idea, I think im going to have to be on the look out for that one! x