Nails of the week.

I envy anyone who gets to play around with nail colours everyday, and who has the talent (and time too, I imagine!) to draw pretty designs on their nails. However I cant wear nail varnish to work, so tend to just slop nail varnish on when I know I have a few days off. Because of this, my collection seems to have dwindled down to just a few colours so when I noticed the ‘3 for £5’ offer on Natural Collection products in Boots last week, I decided to give one of their nail colours a go. I decided on one called ‘Champagne’ and after two coats it looked like this:

 It’s super pretty, wearable and not at all an ‘in your face’ nail colour. Plus at £1.99 a bottle (or 3 for £5) I think its completely worth it. The next time I go to Boots i’m going to pick up a few other colours.

Also, just a quick thanks to all my new followers, I realise it doesn’t matter how many people I have reading. But it really is nice to know that there’s people who are! 🙂 xx.

  • Sarah F xxx

    Oooh that’s a lovely colour! I’ve never tried natural collection nail varnishes before, but will now! xxx

  • Emily

    Such a lovely neutral colour. Looks like it could easily be both dressed up and down!xxx

  • sparkle-and-grey

    I totally agree that I wish I had time to paint my nails all the time too! That colour is really pretty though, very nice for spring! Good luck with your blog, I’ve followed you 🙂

  • Miss A

    Such a nice colour. And your nails look soo pretty!



  • urban_phase

    wow really really love this!
    chaz x

  • Cat

    Gorgeous colour, love the natural collection.

    Beautiful blog. 🙂