Now, I have an absolutely bulging wardrobe and set of drawers. Infact sometimes I struggle closing the drawers – and well, i’m surprised I havent gained muscle with the force I have to use to close my wardrobe sometimes! However, it wasn’t until we decided to have a ‘PJ Day’ on Friday in work for comic relief and my response was ‘well i’m probably best buying some pyjamas’ that I realised I really lack nightwear. Now, I don’t go sleeping in the buff or anything, I have tons of pyjama shorts and also a very cute pyjama set my boyfriend bought me for Christmas. I’m just most comfortable wearing a pair of PJ shorts and a ‘borrowed’ t-shirt of my boyfriends – hardly work appropriate, even for comic relief fancy dress! This led me to spend a while of my designated ‘study time’ browsing La Senza’s nightwear section, and look at these cuties…

I am quite excited for going to work on Friday in ‘pyjamas’ – i’m thinking my Shakespeare comic relief tee and some lounge-style comfy pants (a trip to Primark may be on the cards..) along with my red nose who I believe is called Honkus. Quite fitting to be wearing pyjamas as i’ll be starting my shift at 6.30AM when most other people will still be in bed! Haha. So, what about you guys? Anyone doing anything ‘funny for money’? Good luck in any fundraising you all participate in!

  • Fash Boulevard

    so cute. i love these. thanks for sharing love.

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  • Hannah Michelle

    Aww thats a great idea, I’m sure that’ll be a lot of fun!! I know exactly how you feel about the over crowded wardrobes and drawers..I often end up wearing the same things as I can’t be bothered searching through everything!!

  • Michelle

    same with me i also always end up wearing the same things,great blog.
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